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ApriPoko robot as universal remote

geschreven door Sven van de Riet

1 reacties

If you have a lot of electronic devices, you know the situation that your room is scattered with remote controls. Everyone is looking for the ultimate universal remote, but it is always a strain to program those things. Not anymore, because the researchers from Toshiba revealed the ApriPoko robot prototype.

17 Apr 2008 - 8:36, 1750x gelezen  |  1 reacties  |  Science and technology
This robot detects infrared signals and asks you what you are doing. By just telling ApriPoko what you do, the robot stores the actions and if you repeat the sentence the robot will control your devices. That is exactly what we need to avoid programming! Alas, the robot is a prototype although Toshiba is planning to make a commercial version out of this early version.
Why is this more than a gadget? It shows that robots can 'listen' to digital actions we perform and store those actions for future use. By adding speech recognition it becomes possible to learn robots easy tasks. We can forget complex button combinations and just tell the robot what to do!

source: Engadget

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17 April 2008 om 5:37


@Sven, zo'n ding zou ik ideaal vinden. Hoop dat het snel uit de conceptfase komt!

17 April 2008 om 5:37


@Sven, zo’n ding zou ik ideaal vinden. Hoop dat het snel uit de conceptfase komt!

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